CARA PERBAIKI CANON MP267 ERROR E08 the ink absorber is almost full

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How to Reset Canon MP287 E08 error

Early indications:
When MP287 is turned on, an E08 error will immediately appear on the MP287 LCD panel. And if we do the print command, the monitor screen will appear "The Ink Absorber is Almost Full".

Then how do I resolve the Canon MP287 E08 error ...?
Namely by resetting the printer.

How to Reset Canon MP287 E08 error:

Turn on the Canon MP287 Printer, then the MP287 LCD panel will appear E08 error, and there is a statement "The Ink Absorber is Almost Full" on your monitor screen.

Download MP287 Resetter (Service tool v3400) on the internet a lot.

Canon MP287 printer must be in SERVICE MODE. How to read the next step.
1. Turn off the Canon MP287 with E08 error by pressing the POWER button.
2. Do not unplug the power cable
3. Press and hold the STOP / RESET button followed by pressing the POWER button. So both the position buttons are pressed.
4. Release the STOP / RESET button but don't release the POWER button.
5. In the case the POWER button is still pressed, press the STOP / RESET button 6 times.
6. Then release the two buttons together. Then the Canon MP287 will be in Service Mode.

MP287 LCD Panel will be blank / dark and on your computer will detect new hardware. Just ignore it or next ...

The next step is Exctract and Run the MP287 Service Tool for MP287 error E08 from your download earlier.
In the Clear ink counter absorber menu select Main then click SET to the right of it.

1. In the ink absorber counter menu choose Main then click SET to the right of it.
2. Then click EEOPROM. then the printer will print 1 page.
3. Turn the printer off then on again

The Canon MP287 printer with an E08 error will return to normal.

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