Review of the various advantages of the Epson L1110 Printer

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Review of the various advantages of the Epson L1110 Printer
Pakdhebengal.com - Although the Epson L1110 Printer only has a Print Only feature, the fact is that the Epson EcoTank L1110 Printer has its own charm for potential consumers or users. In addition to prices that tend to be more economical than Lseries such as the 3110, 3150 and 5190, the Epson L1110 printer has several advantages that you should all take into account.
What are the advantages of this Epson L1110 printer with only a print feature. Alright, let's start talking together.

High Print Speed ​​- Epson L1110 . Printer
The print speed of this Epson L1110 printer is quite fantastic. For color documents, the Epson L1110 Printer is capable of printing up to speeds of up to 5 ipm and for printing black and white documents, the Epson L1110 printer is capable of printing up to a top speed of 10 ipm. What activity do you want to do? House? Office? Effort? This Epson L1110 printer is of course very supportive!

Print Resolution - Epson L1110 Printer Printer
The resolution of the Epson L1110 Printer is very high. If the Epson L120 printer has a resolution of 720 × 720. Then the Epson L1110 Printer is able to provide a very capable resolution of up to 5760 × 1440. The price may be a little expensive from the Epson L120 printer, but if the print results can be determined, the Epson L1110 Printer is superior.

Slim design - Epson L1110 Printer
As with other L series, the Epson L1110 Printer is designed with a very compact, slim and simple body. So that its use can be very flexible and does not take up much space.

Save - Epson L1110 Printer
The Epson L1110 printer is very ink efficient, for the use of black ink only, the Epson L1110 printer is capable of printing up to 4500 sheets, while for color printing, the Epson L1110 printer is capable of printing up to 7500 sheets. Refilling the ink is also very easy. What is certain is that this Epson L1110 Printer is economical and also not complicated!

Warranty - Epson L1110 Printer
As long as you use original parts and ink, a 2-year warranty and 30,000 printed pages are offered by this Epson L1110 printer. Which of the two is reached first.
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