Tips for Caring for the Printer Properly So It's Not Easily Damaged

Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Printer

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Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Printer – Cheap Printer And Cartridge Shop. Tips for taking care of the printer properly and properly so that it doesn't get damaged are actually easy and simple, this is more or less the same as in the guide book that you get in every printer purchase. It's just that, maybe it has become a bad habit of humans, when buying new goods, they immediately use the goods without regard to the things that should be known before using them through the manual.

So it is true that when it is called regret comes behind, this will be felt when the printer that is always used starts to have problems. Damage to the printer can be about a damaged cartridge, bad ink, paper jam, cartridge not detected and others. To reduce the risk of damage to the printer, you should take care of the printer properly and well so that the printer is not easily damaged. The following are tips for maintaining the printer properly
1. Maintain Roller And Paper Feeder
Keeping the roller and paper feeder clean is an important thing that most people forget. The fatal mistake is often leaving paper residue after using the printer. The rest of the paper left behind will be dusty and dirty, then you use it again to print documents and the dirt that sticks to the paper will also stick to the roller, causing the roller to wear out quickly. If this happens continuously and for a long time, it can make it difficult for the printer to read and distribute paper.

2. Keeping the Printer and the Area Around the Printer Clean
It is also important to keep the printer and the area around it clean, because basically the printer is very sensitive to dust and dirt or foreign objects that enter the printer. So it would be better if the printer is always closed when not in use. For example, in the ink tube, of course, my friend has opened the rubber cover on the top of the tube. If you don't cover the top with a protector, the tube will easily get dust and dirt as a result, causing the ink to clot. And if the lump enters the printer and is processed into the cartridge, it will cause the cartridge to become clogged. So it is very important to keep the printer and the area around the printer clean.

3. Regular Printer Usage
Printing a lot of documents in one print is also not recommended because it will quickly damage the cartridge, preferably if you want to print documents in large quantities, it would be better to divide them into several scales. This is so that the cartridge does not work too hard. Worrying about using the printer infrequently is also not recommended because it will cause the ink to dry so that it can cause blockage of the ink flow to the cartridge. At least once a week, my friend does the printer to keep the ink from clumping. If it clumps and clogs the nozzle, the print will be streaky or dotted.

4. Periodic Ink Filling In Tubes Or Cartridges
Not used or used continuously will still consume ink, especially if you often do head cleaning on the printer. Of course this will waste a lot of ink so that ink consumption runs out quickly. And try not to forget not to fill in the ink, because if there is a lot of free space in the tube, it can cause room for air to enter the ink filling hose. And this will make the way the ink is not perfect. So make sure not to miss to refill the ink regularly.

5. How to Turn Off the Printer Correctly
The correct process of turning off the printer is by pressing the power (on/off) button on the printer. This method will also keep the printer's performance always good because by turning it off via the power button, the printer will automatically clean the printer head before returning to its original place. The advantage will be that the head cartridge is always kept clean from dust and dirt. Never turn off the printer by unplugging the power cord directly or when the cleaning process has not been completed, it will cause the head to stop suddenly in the middle so that it can damage the cartridge head.

Thus, we have conveyed 5 tips on caring for the printer properly so that the printer remains durable and not easily damaged. In addition, to support good and quality printer prints, always use premium cartridges and trusted printer ink.
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