Epson Surecolor SC-F130 Printer Review

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Epson Surecolor SC-F130 Printer Review – In difficult times like this, maybe some of us are racking our brains to start a business, one of which is the screen printing of t-shirts, mugs, or other merchandise. But many of us also want cool prints but are constrained by the capital of the printer to be used. Don't worry, we have a solution for those of you who want to open a screen printing business or small merchandise but are constrained by capital. This is the Epson SureColor SC-F130 sublimation printer. This printer is here to meet the needs of all you who want high-quality prints but at a low cost. Want to know what this printer brings to meet your needs. Let's operate together.
Epson Surecolor SC-F130 . Compact Printer Design
The Epson SC-F130 printer is a dye-sublime printer with the smallest and most compact size, making it suitable for you who have a narrow or small business space. This printer has dimensions of 375 x 347 x 187 mm and weighs about 4.6 kg (without ink bottles).

Easy Operation
Easy to set up, operate and maintain on this Epson SC-F130 makes it the right choice to increase the efficiency of your business or business. The control panel is in the center with a 2.4” color LCD screen which is very easy to use. The paper tray is below which can accommodate up to 100 sheets of paper, with variations in A4, Letter, and Legal sizes. Comes with 140 ml ink capacity with a unique bottle mouth design that makes it anti-spill or mix up when filling.

Excellent Print Quality
The Epson SC-F130 uses a special printhead from Epson, the Precisioncore Micro TFP with a nozzle configuration of 784 dots (black: 400 nozzles; cyan, magenta, yellow: 128 nozzles each) and a maximum resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi. The use of Epson genuine ultrachrome DS dye-sublime ink is guaranteed to produce prints on the media used that look bright and of high quality. The ink can transfer perfectly to media such as mugs, jersey, polyflex pillowcases, aprons, water bottles, or other suitable materials.

Flexible Connectivity
We are given the freedom to choose how to connect this printer to your device, either via WiFi, Ethernet, or with high speed USB 2.0.

Epson Surecolor SC-F130 . Printer Warranty Period
For warranty issues, Epson guarantees up to 1 year or 6,000 pieces of warranty, whichever comes first.
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